The IIER Distinguished Virtual Lecture Series – Prof. J. Ann Tickner

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The Research Program on the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER), Athens, Greece organizes The IIER Distinguished Virtual Lecture Series, that aims to delve into the rich and diverse scholarship in the field of International Relations (IR) by featuring prominent theorists and brilliant speakers from around the world who have made important contributions to the field.

Distinguished Speaker
J. Ann Tickner

Professor Emerita
School of International Relations,

University of Southern California

Distinguished Scholar in Residence
School of International Service,
American University, Washington D.C.

Ann Tickneris Professor Emerita in the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California, and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the School of International Service at American University, Washington DC. She holds honorary degrees from Uppsala University in Sweden and Monash University in Australia. Her principal areas of research include international theory, peace and security, and feminist approaches to international relations. Her publications include Gendering World Politics: Issues and Approaches in the Post-Cold War World (2001) and A Feminist Voyage Through International Relations (2014). She is a past President of the International Studies Association. She was named as one of fifty key thinkers in Martin Griffiths, Fifty Key Thinkers in International Relations.

100 Years of International Relations Feminism

    The event will take place on April 26, at 19:00 EEST on Zoom

Registrants will receive the joint Zoom link through the registration confirmation email:
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