Self-Image as a Factor in the China-Taiwan Stand-Off

Asian Unit, Events 25 Apr 2024
On 23 April 2024, Mr Plamen Tonchev, Head of Asia Unit at IIER, gave a talk at Ming Chuan university on

Self-Image as a Factor in the China-Taiwan Stand-Off”

Key points in his talk:
– Relations between the PRC and Taiwan are routinely seen as an equation based on an extremely complex, but fundamentally rational, strategic calculus, which incorporates (geo)political, (geo)economic and military considerations. At the same time, there may well be an additional, and less rational, layer of factors that relates to the way the PRC and Taiwan view themselves and make their choices.
– The two sides display totally incompatible self-images based on irreconcilable narratives, which are not conducive to a peaceful dispute settlement. This begs the question: How does the combination of Taiwan’s evolving self-image as an autonomous entity and the increasingly jingoistic overtones in Beijing’s rhetoric affect the dynamic of this extremely dangerous flash point?
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