China’s hidden influence in Southeast Europe

Asian Unit, Press Release 12 Jan 2023

Policy Paper edited by Plamen Tonchev Head of the Asia Unit of the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) and by Mirela Petkova on the: China´s Hidden Influence in Southeast Europe.

The publication, written by the editor’s team of local experts, is issued by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in cooperation with Sofia Security Forum.
This policy paper provides useful lessons learned as to Beijing´s broader geopolitical and geo-economic objectives as well as the ambition to increase its economic leverage and political clout. The paper features case studies on China’s influence in eight countries in Southeast Europe, conducted by local experts. The authors assess China’s investments, its image and the appeal of its governance model in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

Download the publication here:

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