Islamist Militancy in Post- 2011 MENA Region

Announcements, Events 25 Nov 2022

Οn November 21, 2022 at the Institute of International Economic Relations (IDOS), Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Cairo University, Ebtisam Hussein gave a lecture on “Islamist Militancy in Post- 2011 MENA Region“.
Dr. Hussein underlined the fact that one decade after the MENA 2011 uprisings, there is no good reason to believe promoting democracy contradicts combating terrorism.
In fact, the real challenge to EU decision-makers is to appreciate the interconnectedness between democracy promotion and combating terrorism. So EU  needs to strike a balance between its legitimate concern for its security and using its lever against MENA regimes to push for democratic reform.

You can watch the event clicking the following link:

A brief summary of the lecture: HERE

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