21st century Labour vs Slavery

Events 15 Mar 2013


Round Table – 23rd April 2013, 12 pm

We, the IIER interns, have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the Round Table on “Slavery vs 21st Century Labour” which will take place at the Conference Hall of the Institute of International Economic Relations, 16, Panepistimiou Ave, on Tuesday 23rd April 2013, at 12 pm. Aim of this initiative concerns both CONTENT and COOPERATION between the interns of research institutes in Athens.

Main topics to be discussed:

  • Contemporary challenges for employees, employers, youth and working class
  • Comparison with earlier periods and different geographic regions, starting from 19th century radical changes in labor environment and finishing with today’s evolving conditions
  • Greece will be used as a case study in order to ascertain these changes
  • Future of labor market: what should we expect and what can we do to improve it?

Working Language: English, due to the large number of non-Greek speaking interns at the Institutes

Facilitators: Boyka Boneva, Esra Ünal, Naya Koulocheri

For more efficient and productive debate, please, see the recommended readings having a look at the following sources:






For further information, please contact: Boyka Boneva, [email protected], Esra Ü[email protected], Naya [email protected], Tel:;

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